What's new?

Everything will be new! But the same! 

So it might be a disaster - but it won't. It should be a hell of a party which it definitely will be. Because it's that time of the year when you can either sit at home and sink in your winter depression (lame) or celebrate with you beloved scene friends until you can't say "hobb, hobb, hobb, de Schobbe in de Kobb" anymore (awesome).

So, stop wasting time and register yourself as a visitor.

Where and when?

the Ultimate Meeting is an annual demoparty which takes place from 27. to 29. of december 2012 in Griesheim, Germany.

As every year we're expecting about 200 visitors who will compete in various disciplines - from music, graphics to realtime animation.

You can expect a very cozy and familiar atmosphere. The perfect place to spend the last days of the year with your friends.

Tell me more about it!
How do I get there?

The last party of the year
This time it's... somewhere else!

Gone are the days of certainty. Everything must be questioned, every decision needs revisiting, every stone has to be turned over. Forced by the powers of darkness we had to flee the familiar setting of Karlsruhe and move to a new safe haven.

"But what about the children?" - a valid question without an answer...

Nevertheless we will stand tall and face the challenges ahead. Will you join us in our endeavour? Be part of an extremely thrilling journey to the unkown a.k.a the hessenländle of doom!

tUM - nur echt mit der Goldkante!


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