12:00 Event Doors open
20:00 Deadline WiLD
22:00 Event Opening
23:00 Event Knoeki puts on some music
Deadline Executable Music
Deadline Oldskool Graphics
Deadline Streamed Music


01:00 Competition WiLD
12:00 Competition Executable Music
Competition Oldskool Graphics
Competition Streamed Music
15:00 Deadline Themed Photo
Deadline Modern Tools Graphics
Deadline Tracked Music
Deadline Loop
Deadline Game
Deadline 4k Executable Graphics
16:00 Event the Ultimate Meat-Thing: Flesh Gordon vs. Meatzilla
18:00 Competition Themed Photo
Competition Modern Tools Graphics
Competition Tracked Music
Competition Loop
Competition Game
Competition 4k Executable Graphics
19:00 Deadline Combined Low-End Demo
Deadline High-End 4k
Deadline High-End 64k
Deadline High-End Demo
22:00 Competition Combined Low-End Demo
Competition High-End 4k
Competition High-End 64k
Competition High-End Demo
23:30 Event Bombe makes us dance


11:00 Deadline Voting
Event the Ultimate Breakfast
12:30 Event Prizegiving